enCore v.4 User's Guide

Help Files For Creating and Using Objects and Rooms

This section of will provide detailed instructions for using common objects within enCore. You can usually get more help with an object by typing help object into the command window. You can also click on the help button on the button bar and use the help browser to search for help on your object.

For more about creating objects and rooms, see the creating objects and rooms section of the guide. Included below is help for some advanced ways to manipulate objects.

Help Files for Generic Objects and Rooms within EnCore

Generic Webpage Room Generic Recorder Generic Note
Generic Classroom Generic Note Board Generic Web Projector
Generic Moderated Room Generic Letter Generic Slide Projector
Generic Container Generic Bot Generic Recitable Note
Web Note

Advanced Object-Manipulation Features

Changing the parent of an object Keys: help with encrypting objects
Sharing objects  



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