enCore v.4 User's Guide

Using enCore Mail

enCore provides an internal mail system that you can use to send private messages to other enCore users, and it provides internal mailing lists to which you can subscribe and post messages. This part of the guide will go over how to view your enCore mail, how to compose and send a enCore mail message, how to subscribe to enCore mailing lists, and (for advanced users) how to make a mailing list.

Setting your enCore mail options

Set how enCore mail will work for you by clicking the options button and then in the select options to edit drop down menu, scroll to the bottom and click on edit mail options. For more detailed instructions for setting your mail options, see Character Options.

Viewing your MOO mail

You can view your MOO mail at any time by clicking on the mail button in the button bar, which will cause the Xpress MOO Mailer window to open.

Mail window

The MOO mailer has three panes.

  • The top pane offers buttons for composing mail, seeing mailing lists to subscribe to, and closing the MOO mailer.
  • The left pane shows your mail boxes, which include your personal InBox and any mailing lists you might be subscribed to. (If you're not subscribed to any mailing lists, you'll just see your InBox.) To see the contents of a mail box, click on its name.
  • The right pane shows the messages available in the mailbox you've chosen. (It shows your InBox by default.) You can view messages and delete them from this pane. Depending upon your options setting, it may display the contents of the first message as well.

Viewing a message

To view a message, make sure that the mailbox you want to view is open in the right pane, then click on the subject of the message that you want to view. Either the message will display in the lower right frame or a separate window will open with the contents of the message.

Mail message new screen shot

If you want to reply to the message, click on the reply link. Check the quote original box if you want to include the original message in your reply. When you're done reading the message, click on the close button to close the message window.

Composing and sending enCore mail

To send enCore mail, click on the compose new mail button in the top pane of the Xpress MOO mailer. This will open a separate window for composing your message.

Compose mail

Type the enCore character name (or mailing list names) of the recipient for your message into the To: box. If you're sending a message to more than one recipient, separate the names with spaces. If you're sending a message to a enCore mailing list, precede the name of the mailing list with a * (hold down shift and hit the 8 key on your keyboard.)

Type a subject for your message into the subject box.

Type (or copy and paste) the text of your message into the large text box.

Click on the Send MOO Mail button to send your mail to the recipient(s).

Click on the Send via Internet button if you want to send the mail to the recipient's e-mail address instead of sending it to them within enCore. enCore will then forward the mail message to the recipient's registered e-mail address and they will receive it in their regular e-mail.

Click on the close button to close the mail editor.

Subscribing to MOO mailing lists

If you want to subscribe to an enCore mailing list, click on the MOO mailing Lists button in the Xpress MOO Mailer. A separate window will open showing a list of all mailing lists available to you in enCore.

Mail list

To subscribe to a mailing list, click on the check box next to the name of the list. (To unsubscribe from a mailing list, click the check box again so that it is unchecked.)

Click on the update subscriptions button to save your changes.

Click on the close button to close the mailing lists window.

Making an enCore mailing list

If you are a teacher or programmer, you can make an enCore mailing list or lists that can be used for classes, group projects, or other purposes. Remember that people will have to be logged into enCore in order to read and reply to enCore mail.

To make an enCore mailing list, you will need to type some commands into the command window. Make sure that you are in normal mode, and type the following commands in. Substitute the name of your mailing list for the word listname whenever you see it in the commands.

Type the following commands into the command window, hitting return after each one:

  • @create #45 called listname
  • @setprop listname.writers to 1
  • @setprop listname.readers to 1
  • @describe listname as This is a list for (your description here).
  • @move listname to #46

If you have done these commands successfully, you will be able to see your list in the mailing lists window when you open the MOO mail editor and click on the MOO mail lists button.


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