enCore v.4 User's Guide

How to Use a Generic Web Projector

Generic Web Projectors enable you to view and display web pages in the viewing window while being able to converse in the text side of enCore.  Simple and easy to use, the Web Projector is a powerful tool available to enCore users enabling multiple-users can look at and discuss a web page at the same time.

Verb Summary

peek Web Projector
dis*play anything on Web Projector
view anything on Web Projector
g*et/t*ake Web Projector
d*rop/th*row Web Projector

gi*ve/ha*nd Web Projector to anything
v*iew Web Projector
dis*play Web Projector
connect Web Projector to anything
@webpref*erences Web Projector

Instructions and Information on Specific Verbs (Commands)

Using the Encore Object Editor

From within the enCore Object Editor, you can easily create the Web Projector, describe it, and prepare the web pages you wish to have loaded into the projector for viewing.  These web pages can also be loaded from the text-command side of enCore, but the Xpress Editor provides an even easier interface.

To load web page slides, choose Edit Web Slides from the Edit Option drop down list from within the Xpress Editor. You can then copy and paste in the URLs that you want loaded into the web projector, and click on the Save Changes button to save your changes.

Note: After each specific webpage address (URL), you must hit ENTER to include a line break. Each webslide should be in only one line.

Using Specific Verb Commands

view slide# on webprojector name
Example: view 1 on Web Projector
By using the ‘view’ command, you will show the designated web page to your computer (and not to everyone in the room).  

display slide# on webprojector name
Example: display 1 on Web Projector
This command will display the designated web page to anyone who is in the room where the Web Projector lives. 

peek webprojector name
To get a list of all the web sites prepared within the Web Projector. 

Note About Browsing and the Web Projector
Once you view or display a web page, you can follow hyperlinks and browse while staying within the window of the Xpress graphic side of enCore.  Some links may open a separate window.  In order to go BACK in your browsing, RIGHT-CLICK your mouse and pull down to the BACK selection.


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