enCore v.4 User's Guide

How to Use a Generic Slide Projector

Generic Slide Projectors present prepared text in the text-side of enCore.† For a text-only MOO, Slide Projectors are handy tools for presenting papers or information to an audience; however, in the enCore environment they donít have as much use.† Still, you may find them useful to create a presentation that involves both text and web slides.

Verb Summary

show anything on Slide Projector
rev*iew anything on Slide Projector
g*et/t*ake Slide Projector
d*rop/th*row Slide Projector

gi*ve/ha*nd Slide Projector to anything
v*iew Slide Projector
dis*play Slide Projector
connect Slide Projector to anything
@webpref*erences Slide Projector

Instructions and Information on Specific Verbs (Commands)

Using the Encore Object Editor

You can create a generic slide projector by using the Objects button, and can edit the projector's description and multimedia content in the Editor. However, you cannot prepare the slides in the object editor.† You must prepare these bits of text through the note editor by typing commands into the command window (see what follows).

Using Specific Verb Commands

show # on slide projector name
Example: show 1 on Slide Projector
This command will display the slide to everyone in the room.

review # on slide projector name
Example: review 5 on Slide Projector
Shows only you slide number 5. No one else in the room will see the slide.

To create new slides

First, erase old slides by typing the following commands into the command window:

@set projectorname.s1 to {}
@set projectorname.s2 to {}†

@set projectorname.s3 to {}†
@set projectorname.s4 to {}†
@set projectorname.s5 to {}†
@set projectorname.s6 to {}†

This command will erase the contents of the first six slides.† The slide projector comes with tutorial and explanation information preprogrammed, so it is necessary to erase all six preprogrammed slides. The slide projector contains a total of ten slides, so you will need to erase all previously programmed slides.

Next, create your new slide, following the sequence and text commands exactly as outlined below.

What you type: What it does

@notedit projectorname.s1

starts the note editor for slide #1


begins the sequence where you can enter text


Enter the text you want to display. Hitting ENTER will input a paragraph (or line) of text


This represents another paragraph or line of text you are entering. Hit ENTER at the end of the text to "write" it onto the slide.


Type in a period on a line all by itself and then hit ENTER to stop the text-entering process.


saves the text you have just entered


quits the note editor and ends the process of programming a slide.

You can create up to ten slides, and each slide can display up to 22 lines of text. It is recommended that you prepare the text for your slides first, and then copy and paste it into enCore as you create the slides.



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