enCore v.4 User's Guide

Sharing an Object

Sometimes you might want to allow another person (or group of people) in enCore to be able to edit or change the options for an object or room that you own. Sharing an object allows you to specify other people who can use that object. You will need to know the object numbers of the users that you want to share the object with. You can find their object numbers by typing @who person and then writing down their object number.

To share an object:

  • Open the object editor by clicking on the objects button in the button bar.
  • Click on the My Objects button. A list of objects will appear.
  • Click on the object you want to edit.
  • Click on the Edit Options drop-down list and select Share this Object.
  • Type the object numbers for the user(s) that you want to share the object with. Enter only one user per line.
  • Click on the save changes button.
  • Close the object editor.



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