enCore v.4 User's Guide

How to Use a Generic Letter

A letter is a special kind of note (see help notes) with the added feature that it can be burned (or deleted) by anyone who can read it.  This is often useful for notes from one player to another.  You create the letter using the Xpress Object Editor, encrypt it so that only you and the other player can read it (see help encryption), and then either give it to the player in question or leave it where they will find it.  Once they've read it, they can use the burn command to recycle (delete) the letter.

Verb Summary

wr*ite anything on letter
r*ead letter
er*ase letter
burn letter
del*ete/rem*ove anything from letter
encrypt letter with anything
decrypt letter
mailme/@mailme letter
copy/paste letter
g*et/t*ake letter
d*rop/th*row letter
gi*ve/ha*nd letter to anything
v*iew letter
dis*play letter
connect letter to anything
@webpref*erences letter

Instructions and Information on Specific Verbs (Commands)

Using the Encore Xpress Object Editor

From within the enCore Object Editor (whether as you create the Letter or as you seek to edit it), you can write the message the Letter contains, edit it, or erase the text.  You can not encrypt it from the Xpress Object Editor.

Using Specific Verb Commands

write text on Letter
Will write one section of text onto the letter (up to a carriage return). No quotation marks are needed around the text.  If you are adding a second line of text immediately after you have written your first line, use this command again to write the new line onto the letter.

read Letter
Will display the text of the letter, both in the viewing window and the text window.

erase Letter
Will erase the whole letter. You can not erase specific lines of the letter.

burn Letter
Destroys the named letter irretrievably.  Only players who can read the letter can do this.

encrypt Letter with anything
Restricts the set of players who can read the named note or letter to those for whom the given key expression is true.  See 'help keys' for information on the syntax and semantics of encrypting a letter.  Only the owner of a note may encrypt a letter.

decrypt Letter
Will clear any encryptions placed on the letter (so anyone can read it).

print Letter
Prints the text written on the letter.  Some Letters are encrypted so that only certain players may read them.  Typing look letter will display the text of the letter as well.


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