enCore v.4 User's Guide

How to Use a Generic Note Board

Note boards allow people to post new or existing notes on them. In other words, they act as a kind of container for notes.  You can place notes into a Note Board in two ways—either by creating a note directly, or by taking an already created note and posting it into the Note Board.  Existing notes must be held (get/take) in order to be successfully posted. 

Verb Summary

po*st anything on Note Board
re*move anything from Note Board
read anything on Note Board
conf*igure Note Board
check_status Note Board

g*et/t*ake Note Board
d*rop/th*row Note Board
gi*ve/ha*nd Note Board to anything
v*iew Note Board
dis*play Note Board
connect Note Board to anything 
@webpref*erences Note Board

Instructions and Information on Specific Verbs (Commands)

Using the Encore Object Editor

The Encore Object Editor will be no help in creating and posting notes for the Note Board, but you will be able to name and describe your Note Board as anything you want through the object editor.  You will be able to look at and read specific notes in the Note Board easily through the Encore interface because once you look at the Note Board object it shows each separate Note as a viewable link.

Using Specific Verb Commands

Note: For the commands below, board and note represents the name of the object.

look board
Displays the contents of the note board. In enCore , notes show as separate viewable links in the viewing window.  On the text side of the screen, each note will be numbered.

read note number on board  
Selects a particular note to be displayed.  Notes can also be read by clicking on the Note in the viewing window or even typing look note. For example: read 2 on board will display the second note listed inside the note board named "board."

post note on board  
Posts an existing note to the board. You must be holding the note to be able to post it. (Example for a note named "Announcement" and a note board named "My Note board"--get announcement and then post announcement on My Note board )

post new on board
Creates a new note and posts it on the board.  You will be prompted to name the note and then enter text.

Sequence of Posting a New Note into the Note Board:

post new on board

enCore responds: [Type a subject/title for this note or `@abort' to abort the command.] Please type in the text you want to appear on this note

You type in title and hit enter

enCore responds: [Type lines of input; use '.' to end or '@abort' to abort the command.]

You type in the lines of your text.  When you are done, hit enter. 

After you have hit enter the last time, simply type a single period “.” to end the note.  Hit enter.


enCore responds: You post a note on Note Board.

remove note number from board   
Removes a selected note from the board.  To find the number of the note you wish to delete, type look board to display the list of notes in the note board.

configure board  
To set the board to either of the three modes.  The note board has three configurations:

Private: In private mode only the owner of the note board may post to it. Public posting in this mode is not allowed.

Restricted : In restricted mode only registered users, i.e. players, builders, programmers and wizards may post to the board. (Default)

Public : In public mode anyone can post to the board. Note board owners should know that in public mode, notes posted by guests are created from the owner's own quota.


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