enCore v.4 User's Guide

How to Use a Generic Moderated Room

A moderated room was designed to accomodate both open format and moderated discussions. When configured in open format, everyone can be heard in the room, just like in a generic room. However, when configured for moderation, only persons seated in the panel can be heard throughout the room. The audience on the main floor can still talk among themselves, but they can now only address the panel via the command "ask." Questions are sent to the moderator who in turn can retrieve them and field them to the panel. A special command, "headset," can be used to filter out text not coming from the panel in both open and panel format. This command is convenient if you want to listen to the speakers without being disturbed by what others in the audience say.

Verb summary

ask anything
mod*erator q*uestions anything
for*mat anything
say/emote anything
headset anything

program anything
auth*orized anything
lock anything
v*iew #335
dis*play #335
connect #335 to
@webpref*erences #335

Instructions and Information on Specific Verbs (Commands)

Using the Encore Object Editor

From within the EnCore Object Editor (whether as you create the room or as you seek to edit it), you can describe the room, but you will not be able to set any of its special features. 

Using Specific Verb Commands


When the room is in panel format, you need to use this command in order to send a question to the panel. Your question will be sent to the moderator who in turn will field it to the panel. Example:
ask I have a question...could you say more about blah, blah, blah?

Headset on|off
This command is useful if you want to see only what is being said by members of the panel. While you have the headset on, all that's being said in the audience will be filtered out both when the room is in panel and open format.

This command will display the meeting program, if it exists.

Another command for displaying an existing meeting program.


Type this command to assume the role of moderator.

Format open|panel
Sets the room format to open or panel. If you only type Format, enCore will display the room's current format. In open format everyone can hear everyone else, whereas in panel format only the speakers can address the whole room. What is being said in the audience cannot be heard in the panel while the room is in panel format.

Lock on|off
Enables you to lock entry to the panel. Useful in case you need to make sure that only speakers can enter the panel and talk to the whole room during a panel format session.

Program setup|erase
The program setup command will guide you through a set of questions which will enable you to compose the program for your event. Program erase will erase a previously stored program, whereas program by itself will display the currect program.

With this command you operate the question queueing system. You can list all questions in the queue by typing 'q', Pop off the first question by typing 'q pop', or pop off a specific question by typing 'q pop #'. Questions will be erased automatically after having been sent to the panel.

Authorized add|remove player
Moderators need to be authorized by a wizard for two reasons. First, this will give the wizard a chance to train the new moderator and make sure that he or she understands how the room works before hosting a meeting. Secondly, the authorization system will prevent just anybody from taking over the role as moderator while the meeting is in session and thus, possibly creating confusion.


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