enCore v.4 User's Guide

This guide is intended for teachers, students, and other people using enCore, an online learning environment developed from MOO technology (see More on MOOs).

MOOs previously were strictly text-based and used commands for doing anything; enCore has brought this technology into the modern "point-and-click" mode current computer-users are comfortable with. Hence, you will find guidance for both ways to do things in enCore:

Help for point-and-click operation of enCore
Help for command-line operation of enCore

You may click on any of the links below to jump to different sections that cover specific aspects of using enCore, or you drop down menus above. Please note that some enCore functions are restricted to teachers or wizards only and will be marked as such.

Screen Appearance An explanation of the parts of the enCore interface and what they are used for.
Getting Around Getting information about and navigating in enCore space.
Communicating How to communicate with people in enCore.
Character options How to change your password, your description, and other options for your enCore character.
Creating objects and rooms Making objects and creating rooms.
Working with objects Useful help for working with objects.
Objects help An index of help for using specific enCore objects.
Using enCore mail Reading and writing mail, creating and subscribing to mailing lists.
Xpress options Using options such as the online notebook, logging, and the Virtual Assignment Server
Getting help Using internal enCore help.
QuickStart A "quick start" guide to basic enCore commands.
Beginner's Guide A reprint of MOOniversity Lite, an introduction to the enCore.
Command summary A quick-reference summary of basic commands.

Screen Appearance || Quick Start || Beginner's Guide || | Getting around || Communicating ||Character options || Working with objects || Objects help ||Using MOO Mail || Creating objects and rooms ||Xpress options || Getting help || Command summary ||

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This guide is based on materials developed for the Encore Open Source Documentation Project by Lennie Irvin and Erin Karper. Menu courtesy of Milonic.

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