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Programming Resources

EnCore MOO Inspector and LambdaMOO Manual Files
Ready for download HERE.

Extract the files to the 'Texts' directory of your enCore installation. Change the .programmers_manual property on $Xpress_Program_Editor to index.html.

When you click the Programmer's Manual button an index page will open that will give you access to the LambdaMOO manuals and the option to open the MOO Inspector with either the default enCore V4 databse or the default LambdaMOO database.

Updated Ewebbed EnCore Installation
Latest version is V4-a3 available HERE.

A Zip file with a complete Windows desktop installation of a V4 enCore MOO including the Object Browser is available for download Here

Some documentation and the installation instructions are in the READ ME file.

A page of screenshots of this system in action is here.

MOO Inspector This is a web based Database Explorer tool for examining the objects, verbs and properties of a MOO database when it is offline. Simply unzip the files to your desktop and open the index.html file in your web browser. Documentation is available at Neil Fraser's website..

There is a live version available HERE Please be patient as it takes a while to load after you choose the enCore db.

LambdaMOO Programmers Manual This is a newer version of the Programmers Manual from

A Zip file with the manual is available Here

LambdaMOO Manuals Includes the Programmer's Manual and the Core User's and Core Programmer's Manuals

These files can be loaded into EnCore for use by programmers. Simply extract the following zip file into the texts directory of your EnCore MOO. The file is here.

MOO Programming resources --from Jill's cybermedia site (includes good tutorials)

Programmer's help--NWE Univ. FL.

MOO programming cheat sheet

Colin's Way Easy Guide to MOO programming

Other Key Verbs--teleporting, one object effecting another, forked tasks, random numbers/lists, cloning from Ron Broglio

Writing Secure Verbs--Making sure your verbs have proper security.

yduJ's MOO Lore Pamphlet--A classic paper by yduJ (Judy Anderson) of LamdaMOO, about several aspects of LambdaMOO including an excellant discussion of what causes Server and Net Lag.

TEAM Programming--A post from MOO COWS in 1993, a discussion of the OPAL MOO attempt at multiple ownership.

MOO Code comments cost--A post from MOO COWS in 2004, a discussion of the processor/lag cost of MOO code comments. The conclusion? there is negligible effect unless the comments are inside of a loop. SO NO MORE EXCUSES FOR NOT COMMENTING YOUR VERBS! :)

Uncle Tak's Guide To MOO Programming



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