Screenshots of the Ewebbed enCore system in action


When the startmoo.bat is run WinMOO wakes up in a command screen under XP.




Double clicking index.html will open the browser to the home page.



The link to the manuals opens the original LambdaMOO manuals in the other frame. All three manuals are available.


This shows the Object browser opened to the generic room selected from the Object tree on the left side. The Object browser lists all the details for the object.



Including the verbs (here called Methods) which can be opened as links to display the code.



The verb $room:announce, verbs and utilities are also hyperlinked.



This shows the verb display for the $command_utils verb clicked above.



This shows the Properties listing for the object.


Here is an (admittedly messy) screenshot of what you can do with this system. It shows the Object Browser open to the Start Room, TKMOO open logged in as Wizard and enCore Xpress logged in as the programmer all at the same time!