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MOO Guides

EnCore v.4 User's Guide--a wonderful and comprehensive user guide, updated by Lennie Irvin 8/04. Now hosted here at the Barn!
A zipped copy of the guide is available to download here.

MOO Faq-o-Matic -- A Compilation of Frequently Asked Questions related to MOO and use of MOO, by Mark O'Neil and Dartmouth College.

Online Help System of CPDEE MOO

Yib's Guide to MOOing, by Elizabeth Hess (Yib)-- A PDF book about MOOs, using them and programming them. Has extensive discussions of LambdaMOO and interesting historical descriptions of interesting places, people and things in LambdaMOO.

MOO Bots --by Olin Bjork, May 2004
A PDF paper from University of Texas at Austin on using MOO Bots in EnCore

Wizard Basics on Maintaining Your Own MOO-- MOO admin's tip sheet with lots of useful information and answers to frequently asked questions. Maintained by Herve Collin.

EnCore Administrator's Guide -- by Jan Holmevik and Cynthia Haynes (No longer online)

No longer active links.

If you know where I can get copies of these files please let me know!

EnCore v.3 User's Guide -- comprehensive user guide written by Erin Karper and Lennie Irvin. (No longer online)


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