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"Official EnCore SourceForge site"-- This is the place to download the database for all the versions of enCore including the latest V5 beta!
"Encore Mailing List Archives since August 2006"-- The archives of the mailing list for the EnCore consortium.
"Encore Mailing List Archives pre August 2006"-- The archives of the Encore mailing list up to 2006.
"EnCore Mailing List Pre 2001"-- Archives of the EnCore Email List 1997-2001
"Kevin Jepson's MOO Links"-- An extract of my browser's bookmark list as of July 7, 2006.
"The Incredible Tale of LambdaMOO"-- by Pavel Curtis on June 19, 2002.
From the TechTV Vault, a facinating look at how all this started.

"MOO Database Browser"-- Several tools for looking at MOO databases when offline! Includes documentation of the internal structure of a MOO database.
"Anatomy of a LambdaMOO db file"-- Documentation of the internal structure of a LambdaMOO database by Robert Leslie and Alex Stewart. There is a local copy of this paper here
"The Ideology of Ease"-- By Bradley Dilger in "The Journal of Electronic Publishing" Sept.2000
A discussion about how we use online communication systems. Some very applicable to MOOs and Learning Environments.

"What you can do with your writing class on a MOO "-- By Michael Day, May 15, 2001
"Activities to consider and spread to your colleagues" plus some cautions and links to other papers like the one above.

"A report on the Virtual Mobility and Distributed Laboratories (VMDL) analysis of MOOs"-- VMDL/MOO Report - 17 Feb 1996
A very interesting analysis of the use of MOOs for collaboration amongst scientific workers at CERN and other labs.

The design of MOO agents: Implications from a study on multi-modal collaborative problem solving.-- P. Dillenbourg, P. Jermann, D. Schneider, D. Traum, C. Buiu - 21 March 1997, TECFA
A paper discussing "Agents" in MOOs, some interesting uses and categorization for autonomous systems inside collaborative ones.

"Criticism from Inside the Poem: MOOs and Blake’s Milton"-- Ron Broglio - TEXT Technology Nov 2,2004
This paper investigates how literary critics can use MOO environments as a heuristic for the investigation of literary texts. Most MOO scholarship addresses issues of player identity and chatting in the textual field of MOOs; in such work the background landscape of the MOO as a place gets overlooked.

"Agents Help Students in ProgrammingLand"-- Curt Hill, Vijayakumar Shanmugasundaram, Martina Miteva - ITiCSE'06, June 26-28, 2006, Bologna, Italy.
A paper discussing the use of Agents in ProgrammingLand MOO which is an enCore based MOO used as an instructional resource for first year computer science students.

"Mining the MOO"-- Curt Hill, ProgrammingLand MOO.
A discussion of using Java and SQL to mine object data from inside ProgrammingLand MOO.

"A MOO-Based Virtual Training Environment"-- Michael Mateas, School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University, and Scott Lewis, Intel Architecture Laboratories Intel Corporation.
A discussion of using MOO for training Customer Engineers to collect user information.Interesting info on Agents.

"Cultural Framing of Computer/Video Games"-- Kurt Squire.
July 2002

"Mudmagic Community Articles"-- Various.
Well narrated articles can be informative and enjoyable to read. The web community members of MudMagic.Com have alot of experience and expertise in the development and playing enjoyment of online text games (MUD's). Here shall you find a few (40+) well written articles explaining various aspects of the Online Text Game Community.


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