KJ's MOO Links

The following is an extract of my Browser bookmark list as of July 7' 2006.
All links were active at that time.
No particular organization to this list other than being vaguely alphabetical.
Some items may be useful, others informative or of historical interest relating to MOOs and MUDs.


How to program in an Object-oriented World

A Classification of MUDs

A Guide to EnCore MOO Index


Alternate reality game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ASCILITE 2004: Eustace et al - multiplayer online role playing games - collaborative learning - schools

Client Side State - HTTP Cookies

Communication Conventions in Instructional Electronic Chats

Computers, Storytelling and World Creation

Connectivity Projects

Currents in Electronic Literacy, Fall 2004 (No. 8)

Designing Virtual Worlds - Bibliography

DOOM PATROLS, Chapter 13, Pavel Curtis

E_Web objects @ TecfaMOO Objects (10-Jul-1997)

enCore Consortium Home Page

EnCore Development Archives

enCore Home Page

Existing MOO Resources

Fringe's MOO Resources

FTP at Xerox Lambda contrib

Gamasutra - Features - "Soapbox: Why Virtual Worlds are Designed By Newbies - No, Really!" Printer Friendly

How to Create Patterns for your Bot to respond to

Conversational Structure and Personality Correlates of Electronic Communication by Jill Serpentelli

Mudding: Social Phenomena in Text-Based Virtual Realities by Pavel Curtis


Index of -moo-clients-surfnturf

Introduction to MOOs


John Paul Walter Scholarship | C&W Online 2002 | Digging Comp 1

Living Inside the (Operating) System

Login (TecfaMOO) encore

Mars Society MOO Server

Meme(tm): Virtual Reality on the Internet


Mendelroom Information Page

Mission and Purpose Encore Cosortium

MOO Faq-O-Matic: Networking for mortals, a comprehensive guid...

MOOG the MOOGuide

MOOOM : An Interactive Client for MOO Programmation

MUDs in Education: New Environments, New Pedagogies

Neil Fraser: Software: Moo Database Browser

Pavel'sEmails on Exits

Portrait Illustration Maker - Let's make an original icon!!


re_syntax Tcl Built-In Commands 8.1

Reflections Onna MOOs


Regular Expression Syntax

Regular Expression Tutorial

Richard A. Bartle Entry Point



Rules of Mafia

Scattergood MOO - A Harry Potter RPG

ScriptersMOO E_WEB


Stucky & Wingy's WebWasher - Tutorial

SunNET 3.0a2

Tcl Built-In Commands - re_syntax manual page

Tecfamoo Object Browser $root_class

The Barn Home

the Cold Project

The Common Place MOO Orality and Literacy in Virtual Reality

The Evergold Portal Roleplaying Section

The Evergold Portal Roleplaying Section Names

The Evergold Portal Roleplaying Section Weather

The evolving TecfaMOO Book - Part I Concepts

The evolving TecfaMOO Book - Part II: Technical manual

The Java Telnet App Terminal-Telnet-SSH javassh.org

The Lost Library of MOO

The Official Site of Hogwarts MOO

The Psychology of Cyberspace - Home Page/Table of Contents

The Purpose of MOOs

The Quest for Power, Popularity, and Privilege:

The Virtual Community by Howard Rheingold: Table of Contents

The Walrus Magazine Game Theories

Trebuchet MOO Client Home Page

Wizard Basics On maintaining your own MOO

Worship Isengard

Yee_Book_Chapter.pdf (application/pdf Object)