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Objects Code

EnCore Specific

New WEB Room and Web Editor The code to add a new WEB page room in enCore v4 MOOs. The room integrates into the normal enCore web display and allows easy editing of the html code with an new WEB Editor.--Kevin Jepson (5/06/2017)

Scrolling news ticker The code to add a scrolling text ticker to the top of the initial room in enCore v4 MOOs. Uses javascript from embedded in the rooms _html verb. Can be enabled and disabled easily, with style and text controlled from properties on the room.--Kevin Jepson (2/20/12)
AJAX updating Generic Room a version of enCore's Generic Room that uses AJAX to automatically update the objects list display.--Kevin Jepson (8/05/11)
New Xpress Program Editor including an integrated debugger--Kevin Jepson (8/05/11)
A modified version of the Xpress Program Editor--Kevin Jepson (4/06/11)
A set of screenshots of the new editor in action is here.

Interactivity Patches--Ron Broglio (1/21/06)
WEB Who Object--Alexandre Borgia (12/20/02)
Encore Compatible Multi-Room Object--Ported to enCore by Kevin Jepson (4/08/07)
Note: In order for the exits into this Multiroom to work properly in Xpress you must make the changes noted here.
Generic Consumable Object--Ported to enCore by Kevin Jepson (6/10/07)
"Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we lag'
Modified verbs for $recorder-- by Kevin Jepson (9/03/07)
User Tracker Object-- by Kevin Jepson (11/11/09)


Drink/Coffee object--Ron Broglio
Milk a cow--Ron Broglio
Scheduler Feature Object --From the RPG Core
Mapper Object--Generates a formatted data file used to create maps of the MOO using yEd Graph Editor. Once loaded on your MOO type 'Help Mapper' for instructions.-- by Kevin Jepson (4/11/10)

Lists/Collections of Objects

Index of MOO objects --from Jill's Cyber media culture
Database of MOO generics and more--from CMOO



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