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Environmental Design

A Linguistic Characterisation of Design in Text-Based Virtual Worlds-- By Anna Cicognani. Department of Architectural and Design Science, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney. 1998
Part II is here.

The Nature of VRoma’s Virtual Environment-- By Barbara F. McManus.

Results of two surveys about Spacial Perception and Navigation of a Text-Based Spatial Interface-- By Jolanda G. Tromp, 1993.
An excellant discussion of how people perceive and navigate within the spatial metaphor of text based systems like MUDs and Moos.

DO PARTNERS CARE ABOUT THEIR MUTUAL LOCATION? Spatial awareness in virtual environments-- By Nicolas Nova, David Traum, Lydia Montandon, David Ott and Pierre Dillenbourg, Ecole Polytechnique, July 2005

Quivers Building Tutorial--From Fringe's MOO Resources Page an good collection of MOO info.

MOO design--TecfaMOO

Content and Creativity in Virtual Environment Design"--By Clive Fencott, 1999.
Though not specifically MOO oriented it is a very interesting discussion of the design aspects of Virtual Environments.

Defining a Design Language in a text-based Virtual Community"--By Anna Cicognani, 1998
An interesting description of how language is used as both process and environment in virtual spaces.

Reflections on a MOO--By Janet Cross and Kristian Fuglevik, founders and builders of DaMOO
An amazing collection of views on how to setup a MOO, both practically and philosophically.

House of Words. Designing Text and Community in MOO Environments"--by John W. Maxwell B.A. University of British Columbia, 1988
Designing and building an educational MOO system for HIgh School Law studies. A detailed look at the state of the art in '98.

"Asynchronous Multiplay: Futures for Casual Multiplayer Experience"--by Ian Bogost, Georgia Institute of Technology, Department of Literature, Communication and Technology.
A pdf paper analysing the uses of Asynchronous gameplay. Since MOOs are both synchronous and asynchronous there is some fascinating potential uses of the concepts in this paper.

"Concepts of Space and Place in a Virtual Community"--by Jen Clodius, Dragon MUD 1994.

"Computers, Storytelling and World Creation --- The Reader as Writer "--by Michael Cardel at Linköping University 1994
This paper is also available online HERE

"More MOO Thoughts"--by Kevin Jepson, enCore list August 2005


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