EnCore V4 MOO with TECFAMOO Object Browser and more

Version a2 April 17, 2011

This Zip file contains a complete Windows installation of an enCore V4 MOO.
The Object Browser and associated EWEB objects from TECFAMOO are installed allowing this MOO to be used as a code browser and experimental platform for working with MOO code.

A simple standalone webserver is available to permit enCore Xpress access on systems without a webserver.

A copy of the MOO Inspector by Neil Fraser is included.

The revised Xpress Program Editor has been added to the default enCore database. A PDF file with some screenshots of the new editor in action is Here.


NOTE: This package will only work on WINDOWS the Barn will have the modified core for 'nix systems eventually.

Extract the files to a directory on your desktop.

Double click the "Start.cmd" file and a DOS like menu box will open. The system will ask if it should run the webserver or not and will then start the WinMOO server. You may get a Windows security warning as the MOO tries to open it's ports so allow the ports to be opened. This installation uses ports 7777 for Telnet, 7000 for enCore's Web server and 8888 for the EWEB Object Browser.

Once the server is running a menu will appear with several options.
  1. Open the Object Browser.
  2. Open a copy of the MOO Inspector.
  3. Open a TKMOO session which will login as a programmer character by default.
  4. Open the normal enCore login screen.
  5. Close the menu.

To close everything down simply close the DOS box for the WinMOO server and the Webserver if active.

NOTE: If you make changes in the MOO and want to keep them make sure you shutdown the MOO while logged in with TKMOO as the wizard via @shutdown!
Have fun digging in the code :-)


This is a complete enCore installation and can be accessed via both the WEB and Telnet like normal. I do not recommend using this setup for a production MOO although it will work with an appropriate IIS or Apache setup.

Included in this package are the original LambdaMOO manuals in HTML format, they can be found in the Texts subdirectory. There is a link to the local copies of these manuals on the Object Browser.

This database has two players created, Wizard password "wizbang" and Programmer password "newprog".

Also included is a pre-configured copy of TKMOO. When the MOO is running a double click of the "tkmoo.bat" file will connect via Telnet on port 7777 as the Programmer.

TKMOO has an entry for the Wizard as well making it easy to switch between Programmer and Wizard. Make sure you use @shutdown as Wizard if you want to save any changes you make to the Database.

In case you mess up the DB (what good is experimenting if you can't crash things once in a while right?) there is a spare copy of the DB included so just rename a copy to encore.db and fire things up as above.

The MOO Inspector is a web based tool for inspecting objects, properties and verbs, from MOO cores when the MOO is offline. There are 7 MOO cores available for inspection:

Thanks to Dr Daniel K.Schneider, AKA Kaspar, at TECFAMOO for a login and permission to port the EWEB objects to enCore.

Kudos to Andrew Wilson for TKMOO and Christopher Unkel for the WINMOO server.

Thank You for downloading this and helping to make more Worlds for us to play in.

Comments, Questions, Kudos and Brickbats always welcome.
Kevin Jepson

June 10, 2010
Added the Object Tree Java applet by Neil Fraser, from MooCanada.
Added a revised home page for this installation that includes the new
applet and links to local copies of all three LambdaMOO manuals.
Added a Programmer player and made it the default login for TKMOO.
Added a standalone Webserver and menu system.

April 17, 2011
Added the revised Xpress Program Editor to the default enCore V4 setup
Added a copy of Neil Fraser's MOO Inspector.