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Old News @ the Barn

I've not had much to post lately. What's that old saying about life...
"Life is what happens when we have other plans".
Please keep checking back lots more stuff coming soon.
Ciao -- KJ

Happy New Year!
I have uploaded a revised copy of my Web-Multiroom to the Objects Code section. This version has several tweaks and fixes.
Enjoy and may 2008 be a wonderful year for you all!.-- KJ

I have added a text file to the Core Code section. The file contains modified verbs for the Xpress Inventory Manager, aka My Stuff. These verbs change the display so that the quota is displayed properly and the inventory display now includes the size of the objects in kilobytes.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

I have added several text files to the Environment Design section. The first is a paper by Michael Cardel entitled Computers, Storytelling and World Creation --- The Reader as Writer at Linköping University, in 1994, the other is a post of mine from the enCore list back in 2005 More MOO Thoughts. I have also added a post by Jean-Marc Giffin Editing the Frontend in which he describes a way to make changes to enCore V4 web displays. Jean-Marc's post is in the Core Code section
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
I hope you are enjoying your Labour Day Weekend. I've added a modification to the $recorder object that shows the date and time of a recording on the listing in both text and web displays. The code is in the Objects Code section under Encore Specific.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
I hope you all are having a good summer. I've added a new paper to the Environment Design section. "Concepts of Space and Place in a Virtual Community" by Jen Clodius. This paper is written from the standpoint of a text based MUD however it is applicable to MOOs as well.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
I've added a new paper to the Environment Design section. A discussion of the uses of Asynchronous multiplay by Ian Bogost of the Georgia Institute of Technology. I highly recommend you take a look at this paper. As MOOs are both Synchronous and Asynchronous the potential for some intriguing game/educational systems as disussed in this paper is high.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
I've added a new object to the Objects section. A Generic Consumable Object which adjusts it's description as it is 'consumed'. Now we can eat the food and drink the spirits properly!
Just in time for BBQ season.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
I've added three links to the Links to More Info section and a paper on using MOO Bots in EnCore by Olin Bjork to the MOO Guides section
Of the new links I highly recommend this one: "Mudmagic Community Articles". While specifically MUD based, many of the issues and discussions apply to MOOs as well.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
I've uploaded an updated version of the Multi-Room to the Objects Code section. This version handles the closed door/locking features of the virtual exits properly when clicking on the exit links in the WEB display. I also fixed a couple of typo bugs in the exit messages code.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
So my personal MOO server crashed and doesn't look like it's coming back to life anytime soon.
Dr. Allen Webb at Western Michigan University has kindly allowed me to resurrect some of my world at his fabulous Literary Worlds MOO.(Thank goodness for backups!) You can check out this amazing MOO here.
Literary Worlds is used as an instructional tool for use in teaching English Literature.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
I've added a modified version of the 'How to fix exits so that locking works in Xpress' text file to the Core Code section. This version handles locks and exit messages as well as allowing enterfunc verbs to work when an exit link is clicked in Xpress..
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
I hope you didn't overdose on chocolate!
My apologies for the lack of updates but I've been working on this one for a while (years actually). I've added a very useful object to the Objects Code section. This object is a Multi-Room, originally from Lambda, which allows you to have complex areas within a single object. It mimics the normal room/exit structure with some extra functionality.
This object permits the creation of 'details' which can be surfaces, furniture or containers. These detail descriptions and contents are integrated into the room description. Also the internal exits can be doors with the ability to be closed and/or locked. The exits can be 'transparent'. Meaning that you can see objects and people in the next room and hear them as well, if the exit is open. This object integrates into the normal MOO structure by traditional exits that can link to any internal rooms desired.
The Object has pretty good help available and it now integrates into the Xpress display of enCore.(Finally!)
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
Added two papers on the Links to More Info section. The first discusses the use of "Agents" to help students using the ProgrammingLand MOO and the second discusses a project to mine object and user data from inside ProgrammingLand MOO through the use of Java and SQL. Both posted with the the kind permission of Curt Hill at ProgrammingLand MOO.
I highly recommend you take a look at this unique use of enCore as a "Text book substitute".
ProgrammingLand MOO and Museum
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Good Evening!
Added a link to the Programming section that points to the WEB based OBJECT BROWSER running on my home MOO. This is a fabulous tool ported over to enCore from TECFAMOO. I've also loaded a zip file, available for download on the Programming page, that contains a Windows installation of an enCore V4 MOO which includes the Object Browser for use as a local code and object reference tool.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Happy Groundhog Day!
Added a link to the Links to More Info section that points to the "official" enCore SourceForge site. This is the place to download the databases for all versions of enCore. This is also the place to get the newest version 5 which is out in Beta. I will be adding a V5 specific section to the Barn in the coming months so if you are working on a V5 system and have tips, tricks or gotchas you would like to share please send me an email.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks
Added a post to the Programming section from the old MOO COWS list back in 2004. A discussion of the processor/lag cost of MOO code comments. The conclusion? there is negligible effect unless the comments are inside of a loop. SO NO MORE EXCUSES FOR NOT COMMENTING YOUR VERBS!
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Happy New Year!
Added a link to the Links to More Info section. A link to the archives of the EnCore Mailing List
Added a paper to the Environment Design section. "House of Words. Designing Text and Community in MOO Environments"--by John W. Maxwell B.A. University of British Columbia, 1988
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Happy New Year!
Added a paper to the Core Code section. "Moo Patching" by Ken Eustace. A discussion of how to update EnCore MOOs.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks
Added a paper to the Links to More Info section. "Criticism from Inside the Poem: MOOs and Blake’s Milton" by Ron Broglio
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks
Added an important fix for problems using IE7 and enCore to the Core Code section. This fix was developed and submitted by Richard Bowman at BCMOO. Thanks Richard!
Added a report to the Links to More Info section. "A report on the Virtual Mobility and Distributed Laboratories (VMDL) analysis of MOOs" from TECFA 17 FEB, 1996.
Added another report to the same section " The design of MOO agents: Implications from a study on multi-modal collaborative problem solving." from TECFA in 1997.
Added a link to the Environment Design section that points to a very interesting collection of "lore" on setting up a MOO both practically and philosophically. Written by the founders and builders of DaMOO. A facinating collection of info, highly recommended.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks
Added a post to the Programming section from the old MOO COWS list back in 1993. This post describes an attempt at multiple ownership at OPAL MOO. An interesting discussion of how to make Team Programming work.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Added a Schedular Feature Object to the Objects section. This object is a task container for scheduled jobs with a nice interface to make handling recurring tasks easier.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Added a revised revised version of the LambdaCore Programmer's Manual to the Programming section. This version fixes the links from the index so that the linked item is actually on the page :)
Added a new text file in the Core Code section. This file is a modified @GO command that checks the player's personal room database for the room. Like the @move command does.
Added a new paper in the Programming section. This paper by Yduj (Judy Anderson) is a classic discussion of several issues in LambdaMOO systems including an excellant description of what causes Lag.
Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi All!
Added a revised version of the LambdaCore Programmer's Manual to the Programming section. This version includes an index to all properties and verbs discussed in the manual. I also updated the zipped collection for use in your enCore based MOOs. Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks
Added an interesting paper on the nature of language in virtual environments to the Environment Design section. Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks
Added a couple of papers to the Links to More Info section. Enjoy!.-- KJ

Hi Folks
Added an important optimization tip to the Core Code section. It is a way to drastically speed up most enCore MOOs.
The default settings for $login.current_lag cause large delays anytime a task suspends. This tip from Alexandre Borgia (back in August of 2002!) really makes a difference. If you have not already applied this fix you might want to experiment with it! Please let me know if you do and tell me how it effects your MOO.
I also added a post from the enCore list to the same section dealing with a way to make a room able to accept exits from any other room regardless of the rooms ownership.
Added a link in the Environment Design section to a paper by Clive Fencott, 1999, on Content and Creativity in Virtual Environment Design" Enjoy!.-- KJ

Added an object to the Objects Code section. It is an object that works like the enCore WHO browser but can be accessed from outside the MOO without logging in.
This is, as they say, a "Very Cool"(tm) thing!
Also changed the layout to separate enCore specific objects from more general use ones and also from lists and collections of objects out on the WEB. Enjoy!.-- KJ

Special Labour Day Addition
Added a link in the Links to More Info section to a page with several tools for examining MOO database files when the MOO is offline!. These tools could be a real lifesaver if the database is damaged or truncated due to a server failure. Also useful for trolling through old DB files without having to fire up a MOO executable. Enjoy!.-- KJ

Happy Long Weekend!
Added a link to the Links to More Info section. It is an interesting article by Pavel Curtis about the history of Lambda MOO. It is actually an excerpt from "High Wired" so many of you have probably already seen it but I thought it might be of interest to those who don't yet own "High Wired"
Added two files to the Core Code section. A post from the enCore list on August 22, 2002 by Alexandre Borgia which outlines how to add help information to objects and verbs.
The code for a Wizard command to list all the domain suffixes that users connect from and the number of users for each one. By Jason Nolan via the enCore mailing list in 2001.
More coming soon.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
Added a text file to the Core Code section. It is a post from the enCore mailing list on Feb 9,2006 by Barbara McManus, that includes Alexandre Borgia's Fix for Exit Behaviour in Xpress.
Added a text file on Writing Secure Verbs to the Programming section.
More coming soon.-- KJ

Hi Folks!
I've made a quick update to add some information from my files which hopefully you will find informative.

  • Programming All three of the LambdaMOO manuals,
    • Programmer's Manual
    • Core Programmer's and Core User's Manuals
    • A ZIP file with all three that can be extracted to the TEXTS folder of your EnCore MOO thus making these manuals available for your users.
  • MOO Guides A PDF copy of "Yibs Guide to MOOing" by Elizabeth Hess (Yib). A classic look at LambdaMOO from 2003. Has info on both using and programming as well as a facinating look at the interesting people, places and objects of LambdaMoo.
  • Links to More Info A copy of my Bookmark file. Not organized at all but hopefully there is some information you can use.
More coming soon.-- KJ

The latest news at the Barn is that Kevin Jepson has agreed to take over the maintenance of The Barn. This is exciting news since Kevin is a genuine programmer and will know how to gather useful code for all of us. I encourage you to submit to the Barn and support Kevin in his efforts. --LI

Ron Broglio's interactivity patches have been added to the "Objects Code" portion of the Barn. These are powerful tools for helping to get increased gaming-like interactivity into your site.



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