Literary Worlds is supported by a Presidental Innovation Grant from Western Michigan University. In Februrary 2006 Former WMU President Judi Bailey announced that the proposal to "Integrate Virtual Reality Environments into Teaching and Learning" would be one of seven proposals selected from eighty submissions. Developed from initial work by Drs. Robert Rozema and Allen Webb, Literary Worlds is a free on-line resource for literature students and teachers seeking new, interactive ways to better understand literary works and their cultural contexts.

Our home page image comes by permission from a work of art by Dr. Robert Hurt titled "Worlds Within" (1995). You can see more of his fascinating work at his gallery.

Dr. Gunilla Holm, professor of Educational Studies, is the project evaluator.

Dr. Robert Rozema, professor of English Education Grand Valley State University, advises and provides technical support.

Kevin Jepson provices invaluable tech support.

Chuck Overberger is project liason with the WMU Office of Information Technology.

This project would not be possible without the outstanding technology resources at WMU, including the faculty laptop initiative, the Instructional Technology Center, and Wireless Western.

Our virtual worlds have been much improved by our distinguished Academic Reviewers.