WMU DepartmentofEnglish

English Education Computer Classrooms

The Classrooms of the Future, today.

Representing the cutting edge of educational technology, the WMU English Education Laboratory Suite (Brown Hall 3037, 3041 and 3045) fosters the preparation and professional education of English Language Arts teachers.

Seamless wireless laptop instruction, reading and writing on the Internet, digitial and projection tools, video and audio production, and recording and analysis of teaching and learning make these rooms a national model for ELA teacher education.

Rather than training teachers to adopt cook book software or corporate "classroom management" packages, these labs foster teacher designed instruction, critical thinking about technology and curriculum, teacher and student publication, free, open-source, or low cost resources, and strategies for bringing the vast resources and communicative possibilities of the Internet to all students.

This site provides information about the EE Labs and their resources, including sample syllabi and student projects, ideas for meaninful technology-infused classroom activities, and lab support information.