enCore v.4 User's Guide

enCore Quick Start--for 1st time enCore users (print or minimize this for easy reference)

Communicating--Speaking out loud in the same room

SAY-- To speak to someone, type the word SAY before your words (or use a quote mark "). You can also click the "say" button to shift to the "say" mode for extended conversations. Examples:

You type:
" Hello -or- Say Hello

You see:
You say, "Hello"

Others see:
John says, "Hello."

TO--To direct your speech at a specific individual in the room, often as a reply, type the word to then the name of the person you are talking to, and finally the text of your message:

You type:
To Erin Hi

You and others in the room see:
John [to Erin]: Hi

EMOTE--To express emotion, feelings, or non-verbal actions (cues), type the word emote or a colon followed by the text (or you can click the emote button).

You type:
: smiles -or- emote smiles

You and others in the room see:
John smiles

Communicating--Private Speech

PAGE--To speak privately to someone so that no one can hear except the individual paged (this works across enCore), type page, their name, and the text of your message. Example: page John Hello

WHISPER--To speak privately to someone in the same room: whisper <text> to <name>

You type:
whisper "Hi" to John

You see:
You whisper, "Hi" to John.

Other people see:
John whispers, "HI"


LOOK--Type "look" or click the LOOK button to see a general description of where you are. LOOK also serves like a BACK button to return your view to the room you are in when you open and examine an object.

MOVING AROUND--entering and exiting rooms

1st Way-- Click the navigation links in the right hand side of the viewing screen (Below LINKS:)
2nd Way-- Teleport with the @GO command.Type: @go <room name>

WHO'S in enCore?
Type @WHO or click the WHO button to see who is in enCore and where they are. You can join a person by clicking on their location link or typing @join <name>.

@EXAMINE --Gives you a list of the "verbs" or commands that operate that particular object. @examine works on any object in enCore.
Type: @examine <object name>

Other Useful Commands

@QUIT-- To exit enCore, type @quit or click the QUIT button.

HELP-- Listed below are all the ways to get help in enCore.

Lightbulbs--If you see a lightbulb icon, you can click on it for help.
Xpress Help Button-- You can also click on the HELP button in the Xpress button bar.
@Help-- Type @help and you will gain access to all the help catalogued in the textual side of enCore.
Help object or verb name-- Type this to see specific help materials.

@URL--To share a web page with a whole room type the @url command followed by the web address. Everyone in the room will see this web page. Type: @url webaddress


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