For Students...


Lord of the Flies. It's a great book, isn't it? Which character did you like the best? Ralph? Simon? Which character did you hate? Jack? Piggy? Did you ever wonder what would happen if YOU were stranded on an island with other students your age? What if you had to be in charge? How would you handle problems that arise? In this virtual world based around Lord of the Flies, you can become a member of this bizarre story about human nature gone amok and work out the problems for yourself - virtually.

This Lord of the Flies virtual world is a place to explore the intricacies of being on a deserted island with other people your age. You are able to interact with other “boys” in this virtual world. You can have conversations, visit other areas of the virtual island, write on the blackboard in each room to leave your mark, talk to the bots, delve deeper into the story, etc. You also have access to many other literary virtual worlds from Lord of the Flies .

Your teacher will direct you on how best to use this world, but feel free to explore, sit, talk, write, and visit.