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What's New @ the Barn

I have uploaded a new Web Room object to the Objects Section of the Barn. The files are available as a single zip archive here.
The new room integrates into the normal enCore WEB display properly and allows the builder to edit the WEB display with a new Web Editor object.
You can see a screenshot of the new room and editor in action here.
Enjoy! -- KJ

Heh, seems like my comment: 'How time flies when you're having fun.' was more accurate than I thought!
Here we are almost a year later and I have the first new information for you all!
First thing is that we now have a Google Group for people interested in the enCore system. enCore Learning Environment Google Group This group is private at the moment so if you would like access please sign up or email me at 4kconsulting at gmail dot com.
Second thing is that I have uploaded a new version of my Ewebbed enCore package to the files section of The Barn. This version is contained in a Virtual Box appliance, running Ubuntu. This version has all the optimizations we collected over the years that apply to V4 enCore MOOs plus it is configured to use the new JAVA free client!
Since this version is a VM it can be run on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. Virtual Box runs on many different systems, you can get it free from Oracle here:Oracle Virtual Box.
The file is big, 774 Mb, so be patient when you download it.
The Ewebbed package file can be downloaded from this link:
Ewebbed Encore Package OVA file
Import the appliance into Virtual Box and start it up!

  • Access the MOO by pointing your browser at localhost:7000.
  • Console access is user: MOO password: 3w3bb3d.
  • MOO logins are: Wizard password:wizbang
  • and Programmer password:newprog
Make sure you change those if your MOO is Internet accessible!

To "wet yer whistle" and tempt you to try this out, here are some of the goodies included with this package:

  • VM is pre-configured with the new JAVA-free client devloped at Literary Worlds by Jack Lewis.
  • The VM is already configured with appropriate port forwarding to the local network on which the PC hosting the VM is running.
  • TechfaMOO's Object Browser
    This allows live display of verbs and properties of objects and utilities in the running MOO!
  • Neil Frazer's MOO core inspector.
    Examine the object hierarchy, verbs, and properties for 11 different MOO cores!
  • All the originl LambdaMOO manuals.
  • My new Program-Debugger for working with MOO code.
  • My web accessible Multi-Room and experimental AJAX updating room are loaded and ready to use.

The Ewebbed package can be used as a base for a production MOO if desired. Or it can be given to students to experiment with on their own machines before moving worthy objects over to a school production MOO.
Please give it a whirl and let me know how it goes.
Comments at the new Google Group are welcome too (hint ,hint).
Enjoy! -- KJ

How time flies when you're having fun.
Welcome to the new home of the enCore Barn. Thanks to Dr. Allen Webb at the University of Western Michigan, the Barn is now hosted alongside Literary Worlds, one of the longest running enCore MOOs. All the original information and files are here although some links to outside sources are broken. I will try to source that information from other places like the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive. If you see broken links please let me know.
Enjoy our new home! -- KJ

I hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend and not over dosing on chocolate!
Previously I uploaded a zip file containing the three original LambdaMOO manuals to be used in the Texts directory of your enCore installation. I have now uploaded a new zip file to the Programming section that also includes the MOO Inspector. This allows the default enCore V4 database, and default LambdaMO database, to be perused from inside the MOO while using the Xpress program editor. A pretty handy tool when one is working on coding.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I have uploaded the code for a scrolling "news ticker" that can easily be added to the initial room, or any generic room for that matter, of enCore V4 moos. Here is a screenshot of the ticker in action at Literary Worlds. The code is available in the Objects section.
Enjoy -- KJ

Merry Christmas!
I hope that you are all enjoying the festive season and may 2012 be a great year for you and yours!
The fabulous enCore V4 User Guide, created by Lennie Irvin,is available in the MOO Guides section. This guide is stuffed full of great information, screenshots and howtos for using the enCore V4 Learning Environment. I have also uploaded a zip file of the guide that you can download if you want a local copy. You can get the zip file here.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
Lots of new stuff here, I apologize for not updating the news so you would know about it! First off the files for the new Xpress Program Editor/Debugger are available in the Objects section. This version includes a debugger that can insert breakpoints and checkpoints into verb code for troubleshooting purposes.
There are some screenshots of the new editor debugger in action HERE
Next, I have uploaded a modified Generic Room from enCore V4 that uses AJAX to automatically update the WEB display of the room as the contents change. This is an experiment in enhancing the display of objects in enCore V4. The files can be found in the Objects section as well.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I have uploaded a revised version of a the Ewebbed enCore system to the Programming section. This version integrates the latest Xpress Program Editor/Debugger. This version also includes the latest MOO Inspector files, the corrected HeroCore and a copy of the Ewebbed core itself.
You can download the package HERE.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Folks
I have uploaded a corrected copy of the HeroCore XML file for use in the MOO Inspector. The file now opens correctly in the Inspector. There were some invalid characters included as part of the ANSI colour display used in this core.
The live version is Here.
You can download the modified XML file Here.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Folks
I have uploaded a revised version of the MOO Inspector to the Programming section. This version incorporates the same Edit Area syntax highlighting that the revised Xpress Program Editor uses for the verb code displayed. This will make it easier to compare code from a live enCore MOO with the default version.

There is a live version Here.
Enjoy -- KJ

Barbara McManus has kindly compiled a presentation on the changes that have been made at her V5 enCore MOO, VROMA. VROMA is a reproduction of the Ancient City of Rome. Much of the text in the MOO is actually in Latin! You can check out Barbara's presentation HERE.
The changes, enhancements and features have been developed by Daniel Jung of the University of Bergen. Implemented at VROMA they will be part of the final release of V5. You can checkout VROMA at
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I have uploaded a revised version of a the Ewebbed enCore system to the Programming section. This version integrates the new Xpress Program Editor and also includes a copy of the MOO Inspector.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I have uploaded a copy of a very interesting paper by Anna Cicognani at the University of Sydney, entitled "A Linguistic Characterisation of Design in Text-Based Virtual Worlds" to the Environment Design section.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I have uploaded a revised version of the Xpress Program Editor to the Objects section. This version fixes several "problematic" issues, such as list to string munging and bad display of property values that are nested lists, as well as adding syntax highlighting. This should make the Xpress Program Editor much easier, and safer to use.
There are some screenshots of the new editor in action HERE
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
WOW! Two posts in two days.
I have uploaded a copy of a paper by Barbara F. McManus, describing "The Nature of VRoma’s Virtual Environment" to the Environment Design section. Vroma is a V5 enCore MOO that is a simulation of Rome in about 150CE. A very successful use of enCore to be sure.
VROMA allows Guest logins so be sure to check it out at VROMA
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I hope 2011 is off to a good start.
I have uploaded a copy of a page describing the internal structure of a LambdaMOO database to the Links to More Info section.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I hope your Holiday Season is going well so far.
I have uploaded a revised version of the MOO Inspector to the Programming section. This version has a modified RPG Core file that loads properly.
There is a live version available HERE Please be patient as it takes a while to load after you choose the database to browse.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I hope your Summer is going well.
I have uploaded a web based tool by Neil Fraser that is a great way to explore the objects, verbs and properties of a MOO database when it is offline.
You can find it in the Programming section. In addition to the default enCore V4 database there is also a copy of the LambdaMOO core and the Minimal database that comes with the LambdaMOO server itself.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I have uploaded a new version of my Ewebbed enCore system to the Programming section.
This version integrates the Object Tree Browser java applet, written by Neil Fraser at MOO Canada, which makes exploring the objects much easier. More details available at the link. Screenshots of the system in action are here
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
Have you ever wondered what a map of your MOO would look like? Not all MOOs have spatial layouts some, especially enCore ones have logical layouts difficult to visualize. I have created an object that will collect all the room and exit data and format it such that it can be used to generate a map. The code for this Mapper object has been uploaded to the Objects section.
Once the object has been created typing 'help Mapper' will give you instructions. The maps are generated using the yEd Graph Editor from yWorks available, for free, from the yWorks Website
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I have uploaded a paper from 1993, Results of two surveys about Spacial Perception and Navigation of a Text-Based Spatial Interface by Jolanda G. Tromp, to the Environment Design section.
This paper discusses how users perceive and navigate within the spatial metaphor of Text-Based systems like MOOs. The results of the surveys are illumnating indeed.
I have also uploaded a revised version of my Multiroom with a couple of bug fixes. Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I have uploaded a new HTML version of the LambdaMOO Programmers Manual to the Programming section.
This version is formatted differently and seems to be a slightly later version of the manual but has the same info.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I have uploaded a User Tracker object to the Objects Code section.
This object displays the currently logged in users as well as graphs showing the number of users connected per hour for the last 48 hours, per day for the last 50 days and per month for the last few months. You can see this in action at Literary Worlds here:
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I have uploaded a very interesting paper entitled "DO PARTNERS CARE ABOUT THEIR MUTUAL LOCATION? Spatial awareness in virtual environments" in the Environment Design section. This paper is a relatively recent (2005) study of the way people interact spatially using online environments. The authors used a text based MOO and 3D video games in their study. A highly recommended read.
As well I have uploaded a text file entitled "Quivers Building Tutorial". This file discusses building and describing effective text spaces in a MOO. Lots of good advice there that also applies to the mixed WEB/MOO metaphor of EnCore systems.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I have uploaded a modified version of the EWebbed EnCore installation. This version has been modified so that the Object Browser will display verb code that is longer than 500 lines. You can find the precompiled package in the Programming section.
I will be uploading just the EWEB objects themselves shortly.
Enjoy -- KJ

Ahoy Maties!
I apologize for the lack of updates and additions to this site. I have just returned from spending 6 months on the tallship Picton Castle. I joined the ship in November last year in Mallorca, Spain. We then sailed down the coast of Africa to Senegal and across the Atlantic to Brazil then up through the Caribbean and finally back to the ship's home port in Lunenberg Nova Scotia. Needless to say I didn't have much time for doing MOO stuff. There is a nice graphic of the route we took here.
I kept a weblog of the trip here.
Now that I have "swallowed the anchor" I will try to keep things moving along here a bit better.
So to kick things off...
I found a short online programmer's guide,Uncle Tak's Guide To MOO Programming and posted the link in the Programming section.
Ciao -- KJ

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