Village of Umuofia
An Interactive Learning Environment

Role Play

In the Village of Umuofia Role Play it is essential that you remain "in character" and interact with other characters just as you imagine your character would in "real life."

Now that you have read Things Fall Apart and made a first visit to the Village of Umuofia, you are ready to take on a character and engage in the role play activity.

You teacher will assign you to a character from the list of character roles. Every character is important to the role play activity.

Begin by writing answers to these questions about your character.

What is important to your character?

Which of the other characters does your character most closely relate to? What are these relationships like?

In what part of the village does your character spend most of his or her time?

How does your character view the changes taking place in the village? Why?

At the time set for the role play enter into the Village of Umuofia from the Literary Worlds Portal. Login using the username and password assigned to your character. You will need to follow instructions to type the word "start" and enter your and your teacher's email.

Based on the character user name and password your teacher assigns you, you will "wake up" in a particular room as other characters are waking up in the same room. Once in the world your character "speaks" when you click on "say," type in text, and hit the "return" key.

You might begin the role play by spending some time in this room talking with these characters about what the changes taking place in Umuofia and what, if anything, should be done about them. Then, move on to other rooms and conversations with other characters.

Everything you say and everywhere you go is recorded and will be sent in an email both to you and to your teacher -- so each of you can see how authentically you were able to portray your character.

What will characters say and do in your Village of Umuofia? There may be announcements about events in the village while you are there -- pay attention to the scrolling narrative in the left-hand box.

Immediately after the role play is finished, write about what you learned from the activity.

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