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Xpress System Requirements

What is Xpress?

Xpress is the web-based MOO client for enCore MOOs. It is a web application that resides on the remote MOO server and runs in a modern web browser. There is no need to download or install it on your machine. Just point your browser to an Xpress login URL, and the client starts automatically. Xpress was designed using modern web standards and technologies such as HTML and JavaScript, which means that it will run on MacOS, Windows, or Linux/Unix based machines. The platform for Xpress is the web browser and not a particular operating system. In order to successfully run Xpress, however, your browser must meet certain system requirements. In technical terms, it must be HTML 5 compliant and it must support JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets.

Hardware Requirements

Browser Requirements

This version of Xpress requires HTML v5 compatibility which means that the browser needs to be at least one of the following or newer:
Other browsers may work as well. A list of all browser versions that can possibly be used with Xpress is available here. Xpress Compatible Browser List.

Before you start Xpress, open your browser’s system preferences and make sure that JavaScript is enabled and that the browser is set to accept cookies.

Xpress uses popup windows so allow popups from the base Xpress URL.

Because enCore MOOs using Xpress can display a variety of multi-media enhanced content, some plugins may be required. Plugins may include QuickTime, Flash, Real Media, and other media plug-ins. These may already be pre-installed in your browser, if not they can be downloaded for free from the Internet.

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