Village of Umuofia
An Interactive Learning Environment


These are possible events that may take place in the Village of Umuofia.

When an event takes place: What do you think of this action? How will you discuss this event with your other people? What should you -- and others who think as you -- do about this event? Can you organize a response to this event with some of the other participants in the Village of Umuofia?

Okonkwo Beats Ojiugu

During Peace Week Okonkwo has become angry at his youngest wife and beat her mercilessly.

Oracle of Hills and Caves Orders the Death of Ikemefuna

The oracle's command has not yet been carried out.

Missionaries Seek to Build School

The missionaries seek to build a school to educate villagers, to teach them to read and write, to know the bible, and to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Christian Convert Kills the Sacred Python

The missionaries have been actively recruiting members for their new church. Even the titled Ogbuefi Ugouna has cut his anklet and converted. Now an Osu, one of the converts to the new religion, has killed the tribe's sacred and protected animal, the python.

Elders of the Village are Tricked, Arrested, and Held for Ransom

After the burning of a mission school, a group of male elders of the village has been invited to the headquarters of the District Commissioner. There they were disarmed, captured, put into prison and the village has been told to pay a large ransom.

Okonkwo Kills A Court Messenger

At a meeting of the whole village to respond to the mistreatment of its leaders by the District Commissioner, Okonkwo has killed a court messenger who was sent to end the gathering.







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