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5.2.2 Server Messages Set in the Database

There are a number of circumstances under which the server itself generates messages on network connections. Most of these can be customized or even eliminated from within the database. In each such case, a property on $server_options is checked at the time the message would be printed. If the property does not exist, a default message is printed. If the property exists and its value is not a string or a list containing strings, then no message is printed at all. Otherwise, the string(s) are printed in place of the default message, one string per line. None of these messages are ever printed on an outbound network connection created by the function open_network_connection().

The following list covers all of the customizable messages, showing for each the name of the relevant property on $server_options, the default message, and the circumstances under which the message is printed:

boot_msg = "*** Disconnected ***"
The function boot_player() was called on this connection.

connect_msg = "*** Connected ***"
The user object that just logged in on this connection existed before $do_login_command() was called.

create_msg = "*** Created ***"
The user object that just logged in on this connection did not exist before $do_login_command() was called.

recycle_msg = "*** Recycled ***"
The logged-in user of this connection has been recycled or renumbered (via the renumber() function).

redirect_from_msg = "*** Redirecting connection to new port ***"
The logged-in user of this connection has just logged in on some other connection.

redirect_to_msg = "*** Redirecting old connection to this port ***"
The user who just logged in on this connection was already logged in on some other connection.

server_full_msg = {
"*** Sorry, but the server cannot accept any more connections right now.",
"*** Please try again later."}
This connection arrived when the server really couldn't accept any more connections, due to running out of a critical operating system resource.

timeout_msg = "*** Timed-out waiting for login. ***"
This in-bound network connection was idle and un-logged-in for too long. The actual time limit is $server_options.connect_timeout.

Fine point: If the network connection in question was received at a listening point (established by the `listen()' function) handled by an object obj other than #0, then system messages for that connection are looked for on obj.server_options; if that property does not exist, then $server_options is used instead.

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