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Copyright (C) 1991 Mike Prudence, Simon Hunt, Floyd Moore, Kelly Larson, Al Harrington.

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The LambdaCore database provides the facilities needed to make a LambdaMOO server useful for Multi User Adventuring. If you compare the LambdaMOO server to a piece of computer hardware, then LambdaCore is the operating system needed to allow the user to do useful work.

This document gives a rundown on the elements of the LambdaCore database, and provides details of each of the verbs used by the database. It also provides source for some of the verbs, to aid understanding and provide extra information.

The user is assumed to have read the two companion manuals to this one, The LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual and The LambdaCore User's Manual. An understanding of MOO concepts, the MOO language and the facilities provided by the LambdaCore database is needed to follow the explanations given in this document.

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